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Custom Tailored

What makes Custom Learning Systems different is that we spend time before each scheduled presentation date gathering information so that each session can be customized. CLS goes to extraordinary lengths to design content that is delivered using a diverse range of tools to engage and empower frontline workers and leaders. We use focus groups, interviews prevent surveys and executive interviews to gather key information.

The result is the delivery of content that is so targeted that those in attendance feels the speaker is talking directly and only to them. CLS is different because we focus on process rather than programs. We do not take a “cookie cutter” approach to each client.

The Customizing Process
On-site Keynotes, Seminars, and Courses

Custom Learning Systems has become a leading provider of organizational transformation systems, keynote addresses, seminars and courses. Why? Because we religiously adhere to a core value. We are “Custom” Learning Systems, not “Cookie Cutter” Learning Systems. Our growth has been driven by our ability to identify our customer’s needs, and then create a plan to meet those needs.

Whether you are looking for a one time keynote or a three year systematic approach to organizational transformation, we take the time to make sure what we offer will be exactly what you need.

Every presentation is custom-tailored using our step-by-step customization process:


Step 1

Assessment of Customer Needs

  • Analysis of situation

  • Review of client needs

  • Identification of goals, objectives, budgets, and time lines

Custom-Tailored Program Design

  • Design program outline

  • Develop program components using core learning concepts

  • Custom design components by creating new conceptual material


  • Draft proposal along with budget and time lines

  • Present for client review

  • Revise, refine, and obtain final approval

Step 2


  • Writer’s research

  • Draft copy, scripts of module components

  • Develop support material, AV products, and manual

Pilot Delivery

  • Exclusive management preview and delivery

  • Review and fine tuning

Produce High-Impact Delivery Material

  • Produce easy-to-use learning guides and support kits

  • Evaluation Forms

  • Produce necessary audio visual components

Step 3

Program Implementation

  • Dynamic delivery of program by Speaker/Implementation Specialist

  • Clients train-the-trainer options

  • Field training to clients participants

  • Creative “DO IT” implementation process adapted to local client needs

  • Clients on-site measurements

  • Clients on-site measurements

Evaluation/Continuous Improvement

  • Review of seminar evaluation feedback

  • Measurement of participant behavior change

  • Review and "next step" recommendations

Follow-up and Support

  • Ensure program effectiveness – post delivery coaching option

  • Client satisfaction

  • Adapt to future needs